Thursday, 13 February 2014

Are your drinks cool enough to drink?

With our day to day hectic life and tight office working hours we hardly find time to enjoy with our family and friends and that’s what we all wish to get everyday. Thank God! Weekends are there so that we can go on outings with our near and dear ones.

But at times during spending some quality time there are many things which play spoilsport and ruin all the jubilant moments and mood of ours. For instance sometimes tasteless eatables and beverages spoil the party and sometimes postponing picnic due to unavoidable circumstances spoil our mood.

Unfortunately one can’t avoid running away from circumstances but one can very much control the eatables and beverages, especially beverages. If you’ve planned for outing this weekend with your friends to enjoy beer and wine, then here’s good news for you. Now you can use esky ice box cooler to keep your drinks chilled so that you can enjoy them anywhere and anytime.

Retro Ice Coolers and boxes are the best option to keep your drinks cool outside your home. Whether you’re going on trekking, campaigning or off-roading these coolers are portable and easy to carry all the time. If you are also intending to buy an esky ice box cooler then following are some features which one should look up to before buying.
  • Compact Size- This is one of the important features and one should not ignore it. Try to buy a compact wine size cooler so that it won’t cover extra space in your car while traveling and in your home. You may buy a six bottle wine cooler which is also compact in size.
  • Light Weight- Try to go for a light weight cooler as it can be carried easily all the time. There are some coolers which are bit heavier and one can’t carry all the time and he/she tend to avoid taking such coolers during outings.
  • Thermoelectric Cooling- These days there are thermoelectric coolers are available in market. These coolers provide vibration free cooling to drinks.
  • Adjustable Racks- While buying wine coolers make sure that racks of coolers are adjustable. so that you can clean it from inside as well. There are some coolers which have fixed racks and one can’t clean them from inside.
  • Noiseless Motor- This is very important feature. Sometimes people complain about the noise which is produced by the motor of coolers. So it is suggested that always buy a cooler which has a quiet motor and won’t annoy you while sipping your wine along with your beloved.
The above stated points will definitely help you before buying a wine cooler so that you can enjoy and serve chilled drinks. Once you’ll start using it for your drinks you’ll find it worth using every time.

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